Team Serhant - Denon Lee Alderson in NYC with The Masters

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

Here I go, making a public video about my biggest dreams - to help as many people as possible in this lifetime be happy, healthy, and free. A google search brings up all of my website biographies and social media profiles and a handful of racehorses which have no connection to me. 

Team Serhant's Questions in Bold

Are you employed? What?

Yes. (1) Self-employed Soul Cheerleader, Yoga Instructor, Jazzercise Instructor @ActivelyChoose; wannabe t-shirt-entrpreneur @handsturnedon; Health & Wellness Supervisor at the YMCA, sometimes Uber/Lyft/Doordash driver although no time for that with the ramping up of coaching!

What is your dream job, and how are you going to make it happen?

Soul Cheerleading! I’ve already been doing it, but I must make it bigger, now, and I have to follow through on bringing the best ideas to life. I have financial commitments that MUST be met for my family (parents, sister and brother-in-law) and for my life, which makes the opening ante already high. I will continue coaching my clients and will take daily action - give thanks, plan, act, evaluate, repeat! Practically, this means continuing to grow my daily practices (writing, dancing, yoga, meditation / phone calls, videos, messages, emails). The daily work is the foundation, but I’m also building even stronger collaborations with competitive creators. We are changing the world, and the work we choose, the posts we make are shaping not just our conversations but our culture. 


Why do you deserve to win this?

Serhant Team?!?!?! This is genius generosity! Thank you for the idea, the enthusiasm, and the energy to put this out into the world! I aim to have the resources to wander around any town handing out 20’s and to be able to pay this genius forward - supporting a beautiful artist in restoring balance to the force. 

The chance to have this level of mentorship - and the joy of competing to make even more love on earth! - this is already a dream come true. Let’s repeat and add the clock — with this team, my goal is to pay this contest forward - to give this gift to another person within two years.

What I think I know about this contest is that the team wants a HUGE WIN! This is an investment; there are so many ways to multiply our positive impact, and there are billions of awesome people. 

I’m a competitor and a vegetarian. My big dream, my purpose is to be love. 

The project I want to move forward the most, is an art book, inviting for all ages, turning the epic battlefield of the Gita (and quotes from philosophers and scriptures throughout human history and geography) into a relatable experience. Let me tell you about it! Dedicated to my god-children and to my friends children.

Yes, Grandma, this work is compelling enough to keep me single just a little bit longer.


What is the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through, and how did you get through it?

I lost the love of my life to colon cancer, before he was 30. Sadly, I lost him, first, years before that. We'd received a clean bill of health and were looking forward to celebrating remission and life, but when I came to the hospital, his mother met me downstairs. He didn't want to see me until the next day. Without giving him the chance to say hello, I broke up with him when we met. We never spoke again, and I broke my own heart. I grieved the end but didn't see my part in it, and I didn't understand the love and grace he was giving me until after he was gone. Reconnecting with his mother and brother and forgiving my younger self, opened my heart to loving again. We shared a chapter in life that many people never get, and I have a story that heals.

What are some of your talents?

I sing, dance, inspire, sell, and write (including calligraphy in many languages). I help people connect to their superpowers and bring them into the world, for good! I’m a passionate, confident speaker, and I love putting on my golden wings for traffic-bound humans to enjoy.


If you win what will you do in New York?

I will finish my book, sharpen my focus, transform my marketing reach and let my real mission and voice work for even greater good. I’ll be working ferociously to maximize my coaching business to help more people and to keep my family and financial responsibilities moving forward. I’ll play clarinet in the subway, and I’ll wear and share my golden wings with as many other people as possible - 30 people in 30 days - what is your superpower? Needed, already possessed, or just festive.

Anything else we should know?




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